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Rational Bohemian

I wanna walk around
And kick the tires of your mind
Trace the laces to the places
And embrace them as they subtly unwind

Sid my Vicious, you’re delicious
Stars and garters — do my dishes
Pass me the bottle and I’ll coddle
The floor model of your mind

I wanna take a trip
To your cerebral petting zoo
I know there ain’t no cages
Just the pages of the ages that is you

I can’t recant, you’re too enchanting
Raise my rent and rave my ranting
I’ll creep behind the keeper
As he sleeps beside the zebras of your mind

I wanna tie one on
In the nightclub of your mind
Travel down underground and buy a round
For any clown that I can find

Truth be told, you’re good as gold
Hot patootie — bless my soul
I’ll order up a porter and a quarter
For the jukebox of your mind